God of Blood !

Killing withered joining the castration of particles.
Looming cloth threading topicaly within poor tickles.
Clipping isn't fearful but within and answerable join.
Where is it unyielding sorrow of specific bow of shadow.

Princes of blood grooming madness youthful and eternal.
Nights of contempt overthrowing praise tantrum artificial.
All tower full of sharp in the aether.
All cower and shivers not vindictive.

Withstanding but hollow is the remnant of reality mythical?
For ever crates repressed and only mundane is humane.
Wandering aimless death is sweet and final to the trouble.
Where is it the infinite torrents of blood that make whole.

God of Blood! Penetration and violence.
God of Blood! Subjugation, confrontation.
God of Blood! Chop the limbs of the weak.
God of Blood! Spread destiny over this world.

2018-09-04 03:47:49
Renaud Olivier Chouinard