Rambling Penetration

Frolicking in the shadows of penetration,

I shiver for gospels and terminators,

yet I hate and swallow, dust of the eternal fire.

I was, but I am no longer, painful elk of destiny,

the caption is for janitors, the spire of calamity,

Insane, but was there ever sane, wish to betray

Your pain.


Whitering dust is penetrating the frenesy of gangrene,

Oligopoly of the respectable sewer,

Penetrating my unicornigraphical power of hollow,

Insane poltergeist of memory, erased for the dream

Spikes of dust to fire my spire of rage,

Porks of treason to shadow my blood,

Contraposed truth of telekinesis,

My pain.


Colonoscopy, intraveinous pig shit,

where is it the blame of judges and queens,

that you prison for the patricide of nevrosis,

insane, you are not, less then bolsheviks,

Our pain.

2018-09-04 02:42:44
Renaud Olivier Chouinard